SimplyGuest is a listing platform. The car parking listings on SimplyGuest are posted by parking owners themselves.

SimplyGuest doesn't verify these listings. SimplyGuest doesn't do any fact-checks on these parkings. We only provide a framework and a few tools to collect the information.

For car owners

Warning SimplyGuest only provides owner contact information. You are responsible to negotiate with the parking owner and get into an agreement.

  1. Before you park your vehicle, please verify the facts claimed by the owner.
  2. Your car fits in to the parking space.
  3. Some apartments don't allow non-resident vehicles to be parked in their complex.
  4. Check if the vehicle needs a security sticker or a pass
  5. If you need to give advance notice to the owner before vacating
  6. Terms for buying tokens

For parking owners

  1. SimplyGuest doesn't guarantee the authenticity of the car or it's owner. It's your responsibility to fact-check.
  2. Don't leave your phone number (or any identifiable information) in the address field or title, or anywhere in the listing. It will be exposed all over the Internet, including spammers and scammers.
  3. Check RC card of the car and make sure the number plate matches.