Guidelines & FAQs SimplyGuest for Parking Owners

You can list your available parking space for free on SimplyGuest. Be it dedicated garage, a gated apartment, villa, or a gated community. It's a lost income.

How it works:

  1. Register for an account with SimplyGuest.
  2. Submit parking details and specify monthly rent.
  3. SimplyGuest will market your parking to car owners without their own parking space.
  4. When a car owner likes your listing, we'll reveal your contact details to them.
  5. Car owner calls you.
  6. You negotiate with the car owner SimplyGuest isn't involved
  7. If you decide to rent your parking space, make your parking space as unavailable.

Some guidelines when you are listing:

  1. Don't leave your phone number (or any identifiable information) in the address field or title, or anywhere in the listing. It will be exposed all over the Internet, including spammers and scammers.
  2. Upload photos. They increase the effectiveness of your listing by 300%
  3. If the parking space isn't available for any reason, mark it as unavailable. Otherwise, you might get unnecessary phone calls.
  4. If your parking space is in an apartment complex, check with the association (RWA) if you can rent out your parking space to outsiders.

Some guidelines when you rent out:

  1. Check RC card of the car and make sure the number plate matches with it.
  2. Ensure car owner parks the vehicle himself. Take their photo in front of the car. This sounds awkward, but you don't want a stolen car parked in your premises. Besides, this is a one-time activity.
  3. Take a photo of the identity card of the person parking the car (Aadhaar/Pan card/Driving license). This might sound awkward. But this is safety precaution, and protects from you from needless hassles.
  4. If the car owner is rude, or if you find them suspicious, politely say no to them, and leave a rating. Repeated low ratings will result in banning of the car owner from SimplyGuest platform.

Frequently asked questions

Who can view my contact details?
SimplyGuest ensures only registered car owners can view your phone number.
Should I enter into a rent agreement with the car owner?
It's upto you and the car owner. SimplyGuest isn't involved in this process.
What if car owner doesn't pay rent?
SimplyGuest isn't involved in this process. Please consult a lawyer.
What if the owner abandons the car?
Please consult the nearest police station along with the documents you collected when you rented the parking space.
How does SimplyGuest make money?
We charge a small amount to car owners to see contact details of the parking space owner. Check an available listing to see current pricing.