About Us

What is SimplyGuest?

For bachelors and working professionals, a fully furnished house and privacy at an affordable rent might seem like too much to ask in a city like Bangalore. Even if you and your friends finally land an apartment, the problem almost never ends there. There is the constant hassle of buying or renting appliances and furniture, splitting bills, looking for domestic help at reasonable prices, dealing with suspicion from neighbours and so on. Ultimately, most youngsters just give up on their dreams of a home in the city and hole themselves up in PGs and hostels that are bad in terms of food and worse in terms of privacy.

SimplyGuest, started in 2015, is a technology-based solution to the problem. As a platform for private and shared rental spaces, we are a one-stop-shop for all the living needs of our tenants. Our fully-furnished homes are designed keeping in mind the constantly changing requirements of our customers. What’s more, we even pay all your bills- from LPG to domestic help. All you really need to do is show up with your clothes and we’ll take care of the rest. No more running around!

What is our mission?

Our objective is to become an end-to-end solution for the living needs of a large economic segment. We also aim to be a solution for houseowners looking for someone to manage their houses while they are away. Ultimately, we want to be an integrated platform that gives our customers everything they need, without them having to depend on anybody else.

What services do we provide?

SimplyGuest primarily provides fully furnished sharing and non-sharing homes for youngsters in the city. As of now, we provide long-term and short-term accommodation for students, working professionals and couples in South Bangalore. Our homes are fully functional with all essential appliances, cookware etc. We also take care of all repairs and bills including WiFi, LPG etc. All our properties have 24-hour security. Additionally, we provide certain on-demand services such as meal delivery, bicycles on rent and so on within our eco-system.

We have also recently become a platform for renting secure parking spaces in the city. We bring together customers looking for space for their vehicles with owners of these extra spaces looking to make some extra money through this platform.

SimplyGuest also dabbles in other projects on the side, such as setting up drip irrigation systems in some of our properties. Read more here.

How do we operate?

At SimplyGuest, we strive to turn physical properties into living spaces. We rely on time-tested measures to meet the many challenges that come with sharing and running a house. In this era of information and technology, it makes little sense to rely on primitive methods to solve housing problems and meet customer requirements. We seek to create a perfect home experience that transitions smoothly from the digital to the physical. We rely on technology to remove inefficiencies and pass on the savings from this to our tenants, house-owners and service providers.

While at SimplyGuest, you are more than just a guest. We will ensure that your new house quickly becomes your home, and your flat-mates, your friends.

You can read more about our experiments and experiences in our blog.

Your Hosts

Subbu is a software engineer. He used to work on distributed systems, analytics, and UI at Apigee before starting SimplyGuest. He takes care of technology, sales, marketing and everything in between.

Ambarish makes sure all the cogs are working at SimplyGuest. He takes care of setting up houses, running operations, and accounts. He has worked in the travel and infrastructure industries.

Mayank is a management professional. He takes care of sales, marketing, customer support and makes sure we never run out of steam for growth. He worked with Practo and Cuemath before joining SimplyGuest.

Bhanu is a qualified advocate and a interior designer by choice; she ensures all our houses look good and we provide consistent house services.