About us What is SimplyGuest?

Before that, allow me to ask you a question. Which one of these are you?

  • You have a car but nowhere to park it?
  • Or did you fall for that charming car sales man and bought a shiny car and forgot that your flat didn’t have a safe parking space?
  • Or, you went on an upgrade quest and bought home a bigger car that doesn’t fit into your current parking space anymore?
  • Or you moved into a new house and found out your car doesn’t fit into the parking area!
  • You hate the current parking arrangements, but can’t vacate the house.

And, you don't want to park it on the street as the harsh sunlight and rains will ruin the paint. It will also expose the car to rats, rodents and bird droppings

Even if you treat your car as just a tool that carries you and your family from point A to B, you still have to prolong it's life to get the maximum value out of it.

Parking it safely is a major component of that process.

Funny comic that shows a new car owner couple

Let's take a step back.

Vehicles come in different shapes and forms, literally. You might have any of these:


Oh wait! You drive a two-wheeler?

A girl riding a bike
A boy riding a bike
A dedicated parking space

A dedicated parking space

Irrespective of what you drive, a bike, or a bus, you care for your trusted transport. You are looking for a dedicated parking space.

You want to ensure your vehicle is taken care from dust, rain, scratches, and sunlight. You want to put a roof over it’s head.

Covered car parking

How do you go about doing it?

You first need to find an available parking space. They can either be in an independent house (or a villa), or an apartment complex. In rare cases you might find dedicated car parking sheds. Head over to SimplyGuest search page to find that.

A simplyguest house
simplyguest-apartment building

Next considerations are safety and security in the parking space. A parking lot needs to be accessible and safe for everyone who uses it. You have to ensure car is safe and secure after you park it.

simplyguest-safety comic

Are there CCTV cameras in the facility?

Although the place might be safe your car can't be under human eyes at all times. You suddenly spot a scratch or a dent that you don't recall ever having seen it. It helps to go over the CCTV footage to rule out any misdoings in the parking space.

simplyguest-cctv comic

How secure is the building itself? Some apartments come with security staff, or a caretaker family that doubles as security guards.

simplyguest-security comic

Once you figure out that you have to see how to reach the parking location.

simplyguest-directions comic

Is there a landmark nearby?

simplyguest-landmark comic

There are a variety of factors that make a parking space functional, safe, and accessible:

  • What’s the size of the parking space? Does your car fit in?
  • Space efficiency: What is the angle of the parking space? Space-conscious parking slots will always opt for the 90 degree angled spaces rather than an irregular shape.
  • Traffic signage: Does the parking lot provide helpful signage to protect right-of-way and pedestrians, for example, stop and yield signs, pedestrians crossing, reserved parking signs for handicapped and speed limit markers.
  • Painted asphalt markings: Does the parking spaces have proper striping? Are there safety markings on the pavement to help with traffic flow? Are these markings stark and visible?
  • Concrete parking barriers: Adequately placed barriers prevent vehicles from damaging landscaping or buildings that are adjacent to the parking lot.
  • Drainage provisions: Does the parking area get flooded during heavy rains? Are there drainage provisions?
  • Lighting: Is there sufficient lighting in the parking space? Heavier lighting may be needed at entrances, exits and loading zones.

You thought finding a parking space was a simple activity! We know these as we have done research on this and have spoken to thousands of car owners and then designed the forms to collect the most useful data. When you see a listing on SimplyGuest.com you can easily figure out if that’s the right parking for your car.

Don’t believe me? Here is the form the parking owner uses to post their parking space on SimplyGuest.


We also ask ratings from car owners who have either visited the parking space or parked there before. This gives you a good sense of the parking space and if it can meet your requirements.

This is what SimplyGuest does. It helps you find a safe and secure parking space for your vehicle.