Paying guest accommodation is broken. Even if you want to pay more it's not possible to find decent accommodation with all the necessities.

The only alternative is staying with friends which comes with its own problems. What if someone leaves? Who will buy fridge, sofa, TV, washing machine and how to share its cost? Who will pay bills? How to keep track of expenses? Too many things to take care. These are mundane things that nobody want to do but somehow must be done.

SimplyGuest is redefining how singles live in cities. We want to make renting as easy as riding an UBER taxi. Our homes are fully furnished and pre-verified for accessibility and safety. We provide end to end services to make your stay seamless. We remove the niggles of running a house.

SimplyGuest was started in 2015. We rely on time-tested practices to solve many tough problems associated with co-living, and running a house. We use technology to remove inefficiencies and pass on the savings to our guests, house-owners and service providers.

We write about our discoveries and experiments in our blog.


All the gorgeous, witty cartoons you see in our houses and the website are created exclusively for SimplyGuest by celebrated cartoonist N. Ponnappa. Even our house rules poster was created by him.

Your Hosts


Subbu is a software engineer. He used to work on distributed systems, analytics, and UI at Apigee before starting SimplyGuest. He takes care of technology, sales, marketing and everything in between.

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Ambarish makes sure all the cogs are working at SimplyGuest. He takes care of setting up houses, running operations, and accounts. He has worked in the travel and infrastructure industries.

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Bhanu ensures we provide consistent house services. She is responsible for the quality of our houses and house services.

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