Tenant FAQ's

General House Rules

Can I drink or smoke inside my house?

We hate moral policing as much as you do, and we are never going to tell you how to live your life. That said, whatever you do inside the house should not become a problem for your roommates. Go ahead and drink, but make sure you can handle yourself and don’t trouble your flatmates or damage any property. Smoking and drugs are strictly not allowed inside the house, but feel free to use the balcony or terrace if you feel like you need a cigarette.


Can I host parties or get-togethers in my house?

We want you to have fun and make many happy memories in your home. So yes, you can have your little parties as long as you’re considerate to your flatmates and neighbours. Don’t be too noisy late into the night, clean up after yourselves (remember that SimplyGuest maintenance staff will not clean up after your party) and don’t damage any house property. In case of any such damage, we would have to ask you to pay a fine. Most importantly, make sure you’ve informed your flatmates beforehand. Parties tend to start small and then somehow get much bigger; at SimplyGuest, we respect the locally followed culture and wouldn’t want to disturb neighbourhoods. If we find evidence that you have acted against these interests, we might have to ask you to vacate. So as long as you can keep things under control, have all the fun you want!


How can my friends or family visit or stay over at my house?

Of course! After all, what’s the point of having your own place if you can’t bring guests over? Just make sure you let us and your flatmates know a few days in advance if somebody is going to stay over. Also, to ensure everybody’s comfort and privacy, we don’t allow people of the opposite gender to stay beyond 9 pm. Of course, if you’ve rented a whole apartment for yourself, this is not an issue.


What are the rules regarding common spaces, furnishings, appliances and services?

It’s just common sense, really. Your flatmate needs the fridge or the washing machine as much as you do. Leave enough space on the shelves, take your clothes off as soon as they’re washed or dry, don’t download heavy torrents and slow down the WiFi, keep the house (bathrooms especially) clean and you’re good to go. A good rule of thumb is to leave all shared items as usable as they were when you found them. In fact, a great tip to make friends for life is to leave items in a better state than they were when you found them!


Am I allowed to have pets?

We love animals as much as you do. In fact, we did allow some people in the past to keep pets in houses where all flatmates were up for it. However, unforeseen issues such as allergies and hygiene can often make your furry friend a little difficult for your flatmates to deal with. For this reason, we don’t allow pets in our shared homes. You can definitely explore renting an entire house with us if you’d like to bring a pet along.


Till when can guests of the opposite gender stay at my house? Can they stay overnight?

We want to be sure that all our customers are comfortable in their homes. For this reason alone, we do not allow guests of the opposite gender to stay beyond 9 pm in shared homes and this applies to parents and other family members as well. If you have rented a whole house for yourself, please go ahead! Just keep in mind that some apartment societies may have their own rules in this regard and in these cases, the society rules take precedence over SimplyGuest rules.


Are there any curfews?

Absolutely not. You are free to come and go as and when you like, whether it’s 5 pm or 3 am. It might be helpful to let your flatmates know beforehand if you’re coming back very late though, so that you don’t have to unnecessarily disturb them. Again, if your society has differing rules regarding this, those will take precedence.



House Keys

How does SimplyGuest manage so many keys?

All our keys are kept in a secure storage facility that can only be accessed by authorised SimplyGuest staff. Keys are only issued ater taking prior permission and we keep an audit of all the keys. As a tenant, you will receive one copy of the main door key and your room key. Cupboard keys will be provided if they are available.


I’ve lost my keys. What do I do?

Well, first of all, ask your roommates to come open the door for you if you’re stranded outside without a key. Once that’s done, see if you can convince your roommate to lend you their key so that you can get a duplicate made by yourself. We can also get a duplicate made for you if you prefer that, but remember that it can take more than 48 hours and a remaking/delivery fee of 500 rupees for you to get the key. If you’ve lost a wardrobe key, you will have to bear the cost of getting the lock and key remade. So the lesson here is, keep your keys safe!


I left my keys inside/at a friend’s place. I just need the house/room opened this one time!

Even if your house manager happens to be in the area, they don’t keep a copy of the keys with them at all times. All keys are in a secure facility and even SimplyGuest staff need prior permission to access them. Your best bet would be to wait for your roommate or go get your key from wherever you left it. We will definitely help you out if there’s an emergency, but you will have to pay the key delivery charges for this.


I have friends/family visiting. Can I get an extra pair of keys temporarily?

For reasons pertaining to logistics and availability, it would be quite difficult for us to lend you a spare key for a short period. If you need an additional key, you would either have to get a duplicate created by yourself, or pay the making and delivery charges to us for an extra key. Remember, however, that on vacating, you would have to hand over all duplicate keys as well.



Parents & Family

How can I be sure that my son/daughter is safe in his/her SimplyGuest home?

The safety and security of our customers is our top priority. We only select properties in safe localities with security features such as CCTV and/or security personnel. The properties and appliances are also checked for quality and damages before the houses are rented out. Over and above this, we do a thorough background check of our tenants before they move in, so your son/daughter is only sharing their space with safe people. If you have any worries, we will be more than happy to put them to rest!


Can I get information on the people that my son/daughter is living with?

We do a thorough background check of all our tenants and ensure that they upload essential personal details on their SimplyGuest profile. You can get access to this online information through your son/daughter’s SimplyGuest account.


I have been unable to contact my son/daughter for a long while. Can SimplyGuest help me find out if he/she is safe at home?

In situations like this, we make use of a communication system that we have established with our customers to get the required information. Once you inform us about the problem, we will immediately get in touch with your son/daughter’s roommates to figure out his/her whereabouts, but that is about all that we will be able to do from our end. You can also always get in touch with the roommates directly to help you out.



House Infrastructure and Provisions

How can I get kitchen utensils or cookware repaired or replaced?

All you have to do is raise a ticket with us for this purpose. We will send someone from our team to inspect the issue and carry out the required repairs or replacement. Please keep in mind that repairs or replacements could take up to a few weeks depending on the issue. You can always get up to date information on the status of your replacement/repair by visiting the ticket page.


How can I get house repairs (latches, taps etc.) done?

All you have to do is raise a ticket with us for this purpose. We will send someone from our team to inspect the issue and carry out the required repairs or replacement. Please keep in mind that repairs or replacements could take up to a week depending on the issue.


Can I personalize my room with posters or wall hangings?

At SimplyGuest, we take up houses that already belong to other owners. Keeping this in mind, we request you not to use tape or nails that would damage the interiors of the house or lead to paint peeling and so on. If you want to use wall hooks that will stick on and come off without causing any damage, feel free to do so. Any damages caused will require us to adjust the repair costs against your security deposit.


Can I get SimplyGuest issued bedsheets or curtains cleaned periodically?

When you move in, we provide you with a set of bedsheets. However, cleaning them is your task! All the sheets and curtains provided by us can be washed in the washing machine in your home, so you know what to do!


Can I get an extension board for my electronic devices?

We don’t really provide extra appliances and gadgets other than what has already been installed in the house. If you need anything else, you would have to purchase it for yourself. Of course, we’d be happy to help you buy or rent these gadgets or appliances, but you would have to pay the charges accordingly.


The power backup seems to be malfunctioning/is not working. What should I do?

Electrical items such as UPS’ and generators may need maintenance work done now and then. If there seems to be a problem, do raise a ticket with us and we’ll make sure we send somebody down to fix the issue as soon as possible.


What repairs does SimplyGuest take care of and what repairs do I have to pay for?

For all repair issues that have come about due to regular wear and tear of furnishings and appliances, we will bear the fixing or replacement costs. However, if problems arise because of misuse or overuse of any item, some part of the repair/replacement cost will be borne by SimplyGuest while the rest will be split among tenants depending on how long they have occupied the house and adjusted against their security deposits. SimplyGuest will use its discretion to decide the terms of this arrangement on a case-by-case basis. This is done to ensure that new occupants who may have barely used the item do not have to pay for damages caused by long-term overuse.


I will be receiving postal deliveries when I’m not present in the house. Can the security personnel collect it for me?

It would not be practical for us to take responsibility for the safekeeping of your postal deliveries. If you need to, you can have a chat with the security personnel of your building and work out an arrangement that suits you both.


There isn’t sufficient parking space in my building. What can I do?

When you visit a SimplyGuest property before choosing to move in, the house manager accompanying you will definitely show you all the facilities available in that property and clarify all your doubts. So you would certainly know how much parking space is available before you make the decision to move in. However, depending on the area you live in, you can choose to avail of SimplyGuests new parking-on-rent service if there isn’t enough space in your building. Through our parking marketplace, we will help you find a secure, closed parking space as close to your home as possible.


Can I bring and use my own appliances (fridge, AC etc.)?

As long as you have informed us, you can definitely do so. However, the additional electricity charges for these appliances will have to be paid by you.


Can I personalize my room with posters or wall hangings?

Can I personalise my room with posters or wall hangings? At SimplyGuest, we take up houses that already belong to other owners. Keeping this in mind, we request you not to use tape or nails that would damage the interiors of the house or lead to paint peeling and so on. If you want to use wall hooks that will stick on and come off without causing any damage, feel free to do so. Any damages caused will require us to adjust the repair costs against your security deposit.


Can I get my wardrobe slightly altered?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to make any alterations to wardrobes or other furniture in the house.



Safety, Theft and Damages

What are the safety features included in a SimplyGuest home?

First of all, we ensure that SimplyGuest homes are always in safer localities with all daily requirements available nearby so that our tenants don’t have to travel too far for anything. Depending on the type of home, we also have added security features such as CCTV and/or round-the-clock security personnel. There is also strict access control to the houses; the keys are available only to tenants and select SimplyGuest staff, who will enter the house only after prior intimation.


Who is responsible for theft of or damage to my personal belongings?

SimplyGuest provides you with all the facilities you need to keep important things safe. Our tenants are provided with a wardrobe, and the key to this is held only by the tenants themselves; not even SimplyGuest staff have access to these wardrobes. So, we wouldn’t be able to take responsibility for loss of your things. However, if the case is extreme and needs police intervention, we will definitely help you out with the procedures and formalities.


Who is responsible for loss of or damage to common furnishings or appliances?

In case of damages or repair caused by regular usage or wear and tear, the fixing costs will be borne by SimplyGuest. However, in all other cases – such as loss of items or damage caused by improper usage – we will use our discretion to split the costs between individual tenants and us.


Who all will have access to the house and/or my room?

Your house can only be accessed by you, your flatmates and SimplyGuest staff. You room cannot be accessed by your flatmates unless you’re sharing a room with somebody. Always remember that SimplyGuest staff will only enter your house for repairs, maintenance or to show the property to potential tenants, and this will only be done after letting you know beforehand.


Who all has access to the information and documents that I upload on my SimplyGuest online profile?

SimplyGuest servers are very secure with high levels of access control. The information you give us is only collected for verification and emergency-management purposes. For logistical and security reasons, your name, contact number and place of work will be visible to your flatmates through their own profiles. However, no other personally identifiable information is shared with anybody.




The domestic help isn’t cleaning dishes properly. Can you help?

While we have no problems with you getting your dishes cleaned by SimplyGuest housekeeping staff, keep in mind that this is a contract that is negotiated between you and them alone; dishwashing is not part of SimplyGuest’s standard house maintenance operations and therefore, we will not be able to intervene in any such arrangement. If you have any issues, you will have to explain this to the staff yourself.


The domestic help is not cleaning the house properly. Can you help?

All the housekeeping staff employed by SimplyGuest have been given optimal prior training to ensure a standard minimum quality of service. However, if there seems to be a persisting problem, you can always raise a complaint with us and somebody from our team will ensure that the message is communicated to the housekeeping staff. To ensure efficient solving of the problems, be specific about what the issue is in your complaint and do give us pictures if possible.


The housekeeping staff doesn’t understand what I say. Can you send somebody who speaks my language?

The services provided by SimplyGuest housekeeping are standard across all houses and they are already well aware of what they need to do. Therefore, there wouldn’t really be much need for communication. If you still have specific requirements, you can always go through SimplyGuest customer support and we will communicate the message to the staff. Do keep in mind that owing to the nature of the job, we don’t have the luxury of selecting employees with specific qualifications to suit the individual tenant’s requirements; we don’t want to deny any of our housekeeping staff a job simply because they can’t communicate in a particular language.


How can we cancel domestic help services for a given period?

We understand that all tenants may be travelling simultaneously now and then. In these situations, we request you to inform us of your dates beforehand so that we can inform the housekeeping staff not to come to your house for that period. Keep in mind however, that this doesn’t imply that the housekeeping charges in your monthly rent will be reduced for that month.




I have a problem with my flatmate drinking/smoking in the house. Can something be done about this?


My flatmate is unhygienic. What can I do?

As far as common areas are concerned, we ensure that our housekeeping staff is trained to keep them clean at all times. If the cleanliness or hygiene of your home is affected by your flatmate’s actions, we would always encourage you to bring it up with them and resolve it at home itself. They are, after all, your flatmates! Living in a shared space means adjusting to each other’s needs and we’re sure your flatmate will understand this if you tell them nicely. If the problem still persists, you can lodge a complaint with us and we will look into the matter.