1. NO SMOKING AND NO DRUGS inside the premises
  2. No visitors over night are permitted.
  3. Guests of opposite gender are strictly not allowed after 9 PM in the house.
  4. No loud noises or disturbances after 9pm. Some of the flatmates have to work and study long days and require a good night sleep.
  5. No parties and at any time.
  6. No Pets
  7. Please do not leave your personal items unattended. Anything lost or stolen is your own risk and responsibility. Don't blame the housekeeping staff for your losses.
  8. If there is a power backup in the building, you are free to use it. We aren't responsible for any power cuts. We don't guarantee power availability.
  9. You should switch off lights, geyser, TV and LPG when not in use.
  10. You will be held responsible for your friends conduct & its consequences thereafter. Any financial losses incurred shall be borne by the host tenant.
  11. SimplyGuest won't accept any service requests for the services of DTH, WiFi and Electricity supply.
  12. House is provided in as is condition. No customizations. No add-ons. What you see is what you get.
  13. You are expected to close the door and keep the premises safe for everyone.
  14. If you are using a phone or computer to talk to your family/friends in late hours, please respect those who wish to sleep by keeping the noise down.
  15. Report to manager any broken or malfunction things. Damages will be recovered if any house stuff is broken.
  16. This is shared house. Keep the house clean and tidy at all times, if you are not doing so, fines will apply.
  17. If you see or know of other tenants breaking the house rules, you are responsible to report it to manager.

Shared House

  1. SimplyGuest staff will show any vacant beds to prospective customers, often with short notice
  2. Shared resources and common areas must be kept clean and usable at all times

Rent, Security Deposit & Agreement

  1. Security deposit must be paid in full before move-in.
  2. Security deposit can't be adjusted for monthly rent. You must pay rent as long as you stay in the house.
  3. Rent must be paid by 5th of every month. Fines apply post that.
  4. Your rent includes the following: electricity, water, DTH, WiFi, LPG, repairs, and SimplyGuest service charges. HRA will not cover these charges.
  5. Agreement won't be customized. If you want rental agreement on an e-stamp paper or of specific denomination, charges apply.
  6. Booking amount: If you cancel within 24 hours of making the booking 100% of the booking amount is refunded, 50% if cancelled before 15 days before moving in date and no refund thereafter.
  7. Security deposit would be refunded via electronic transfer or cheque within 3 working days after vacating the house.


  1. We provide a single cylinder LPG for cooking purposes. When the LPG gets over we will replace it within 24-hours subject to availability of the gas.
  2. If you want uninterrupted supply of LPG, please request for a spare cylinder. Extra charges apply.


  1. We get a TataSky connection in all our houses. However, we don't take responsibility for their services. If the service is interrupted, please get the account number from your SimplyGuest portal and raise a complaint with the DTH provider.
  2. We provide a base package of DTH. This won't cover all the available channels.
  3. If you want any additional channels, please let us know and allow us a day to make the request. Extra charges apply for additional channels.


  1. We get the best available Internet connection in the area from a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP). But we do not take any responsibility for their service.
  2. The WiFi bill for upto 50 GB download at 10 mbps (Airtel) or upto 50 GB download at 30-50 mbps (Hathway/ACT) will be borne by SimplyGuest where available. The speed will be reduced to either 512 kbps or 1 mbps (subject to availability) post this limit for unlimited bandwidth.
  3. If the Internet is down, please get the account number from your SimplyGuest portal and raise a complaint with the Internet Service Provider. SimplyGuest doesn't take any responsibility.


  1. Housekeeping is a complimentary service. No customizations or additional jobs are accepted.
  2. We do not take responsibility for the quality of maid services. You are expected to ensure their quality.
  3. Your rent doesn't cover cleaning products like Harpic, Lizol or cleaning mops.

Read Housekeeping Guidelines

Penalties apply if you violate any of these terms. You may be asked to vacate the house immediately if the violations are serious.