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SimplyGuest offers fully-furnished accommodation for working professionals and students. These accommodation are completely managed. You can choose your own accommodation close to your workplace. SimplyGuest will pay all the house-bills and even provide maid services. In short, SimplyGuest will manage the house for you.

What do we mean by 'fully-furnished'?

What items are available?

  • In the Living Room
    • Flat-screen Television

    • Refrigerator

    • Washing machine

    • Curtains on windows

    • Floor mats

    • Shoe Rack

    • Sofa and centre table

  • In the Bedroom
    • 3 x 6.5" or Queen-size cot

    • Branded mattress

    • Side-table to the cot

    • Computer-table/chair
      (for private rooms)

  • In the Bathroom
    • A broom

    • A brush

    • A mop stick

    • A bucket and a mug

  • In the Kitchen
    • A two-burner stove

    • Kadai (wok)

    • A frying pan

    • A chopping board

    • Chapati board/roller
      (Roti Pata & Belan)

    • A dinner set

    • A spoon & Fork set

    • Gas Lighter

    • Knife & Peeler Set

    • A tea pan

Are there any house rules?

Of course there are, but not anything that you can't follow. We have designed the whole house in such a way that flatmates can co-exist happily.

If you respect the comfort of other flatmates, these rules won’t matter to you at all.

Here they are:

  • You are expected adhere to local society rules.

  • No Smoking. No Drgus. No Parties.

  • Use shared resources judiciously.

  • Clean up kitchen utensis. Others will need them.

  • If you damage anything, you'll pay for it.

That's all. It's as simple as it can get. Now, if you’re happy about these, you have all the freedom assured by our constitution to enjoy your life in Bangalore!

Don't like to be restricated in anyway? Choose one of our studio rooms or 1BHKs.

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Do I have a say in deciding who becomes my flatmate?

SimplyGuest accommodation are gender-specific, which means we either have all-male or all-female accommodation. Other than this, you can’t have any choice in who becomes your flatmate. However, we verify documents of our guests to ensure that only educated and qualified professionals are taken in. Therefore, we strongly believe that you will get a great flatmate and may even end up becoming friends!

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Overnight Stays
Can I bring my friend to stay overnight?

You can certainly bring your friends to visit you in your apartment. However, opposite sex friends are not permitted to stay overnight. We, at SimplyGuest, are not conservative about it, but your fellow flatmates or the association people in your colony could be, and this may cause some problems for everyone concerned. Some flatmates become anxious if strangers stay overnight.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, if the place you’re staying has a communal gym, pool, lift, power backup, etc., and if they are made available for free to other residents, you too can make use of them just like any other resident of the community. There will be no additional cost for it unless explicitly mentioned.

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Once in a while, we carry out deep cleaning of the entire flat. The deep cleaning involves the following:

  • We will wash kitchen slabs, modules, shelves, chimney, and stove. (the inside of the stove won’t be washed)
  • We will clean fans, refrigerator, doors, side tables, computer tables and dressing tables.
  • We will reverse the mattresses.
  • We will deep clean bathroom floors and commodes.

This cleaning will be carried out using vaccum cleaners, pressure guns and other professional cleaning tools. This is a paid service.

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We, at SimplyGuest, love pets, but alas, unfortunately you don’t stay with us, but with other flatmates, who may not be as kind to them as we are. Therefore, as a policy, we have decided to keep the pets out of our properties.

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Absolutely! You can reach out to us and we'll help you find a versatile cook among the network of SimplyGuest flats. Your SimplyGuest portal has two tools to help you with this— the survey tool and the split expenses tool. Using the survey tool, you can create something like a poll to understand if the rest of your flatmates want to share a service with you. Once this is done, you can use the split tool to calculate how much each person has to pay.

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Absolutely not. You are free to come and go as and when you like, whether it’s 5 pm or 3 am. It might be helpful to let your flatmates know beforehand if you’re coming back very late though, so that you don’t have to unnecessarily disturb them. Again, if your society has differing rules regarding this, those will take precedence.

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First of all, we ensure that SimplyGuest homes are always in safer localities with all daily requirements available nearby so that our tenants don’t have to travel too far for anything. Depending on the type of home, we also have added security features such as CCTV and/or round-the-clock security personnel. There is also strict access control to the houses; the keys are available only to tenants and select SimplyGuest staff, who will enter the house only after prior intimation. But, you as a tenant are expected to close the door and keep the premises safe for everyone.

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Simple No Tricks Pricing

Transparent rent and expenses. No surprises every month

Your Monthly Rent

Along with the following we provide complimentary maid service (dusting, mopping, clean washrooms) on alternative days where possible. Want to know more about your rent breakup?

What's included

  • House Rent

  • Electricity Bill

  • DTH Connection payment

  • Wi-Fi subscription

  • LPG - Cylinder

  • Water bill (not drinking water)

  • Flat Maintenance

  • Plumbing, Electrical, Sanitary Repairs


This was my first job in Bangalore. The house I am staying is simply amazing! It is a beautiful villa; well decorated, super clean, very spacious and has everything I need for my stay. SimplyGuest takes care of everything.

Tools to make Flatsharing a breeze!

Would you like to hire a cook or avail of some other service on a shared basis with your flatmates?

Sharing the house with roommates

We have built many tools to make living in a shared flat a walk in the park. Our goal is to reduce the conflict points and you can use all that time to socialize and become friends.

  • Split expenses with flatmates

    All expenses are settled as part of the rent invoice. You don't have to chase the flatmate to settle.

  • Order LPG with a mouse click

    Wheather you want to order an LPG or fix a leaking tap, we are just one click away. Raise all your issues online.

  • Get rent agreements delivered home

    You urgently need a rent agreement for that peronal loan? No worries! We'll deliver it to your doorstep.

Is Flatsharing right for me?

What kind of roommates will I get? Will I be able to adjust with other flatmates?

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We are pioneers of shared flats

We manage all kinds of flats: 2BHK/3BHK, villas, gated apartments, large buildings.







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