How SimplyGuest Shared Homes Work?

SimplyGuest offers fully-furnished accommodation for working professionals. These accommodation are completely managed. You can choose your own accommodation close to your workplace. SimplyGuest will pay all the house-bills and even provide maid services. In short, SimplyGuest will manage the house for you.

What do we mean by 'fully-furnished'? What items are available?

The following items will be in the the living room, to be shared:

  • Flat-screen Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Automatic washing machine
  • Clothesline stand
  • Iron board and an electric iron
  • High quality curtains on all windows
  • Floor mats where necessary
  • Shoe Rack
  • Sofa and centre table

The following items will be in the room, exclusively for the occupant:

  • Either 3 x 6.5" or queen-size cot in the room
  • Good quality coir mattress for the cot
  • Side-table to the cot
  • A computer-table and chair (for private rooms)

You have to get Bed-sheets, pillows and blankets

The following items will be in the bathroom, to be shared:

  • A broom
  • A brush
  • A mop stick
  • A cleaning bucket
  • A dust bin
  • A floor wiper
  • A bucket and a mug

You have to take care of consumables like cleaning liquids, brush, mop, etc.

The following items will be in the kitchen, to be shared:

  • A two-burner stove
  • Kadai (wok)
  • Frying pan – 1
  • Frying spoons
  • A chopping board
  • Chapati dough flattening board and the roller pin (Roti Pata & Belan set)
  • A dinner set
  • A spoon & Fork set
  • Gas Lighter
  • Knife & Peeler Set
  • A tea pan
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What's included in the rent?

  • Accommodation Rent
  • Electricity Bill
  • DTH Connection payment
  • Wi-Fi subscription
  • Water bill (not drinking water)
  • Flat Maintenance
  • LPG - Cylinder
  • Complimentary Maid service on alternative days

What are the amenities available as part of the package?

  • A high-speed internet connection with wi-fi, from 8 MBPS, up to 100 MBPS in some areas (depending on the ISP in the area)
  • LPG connection – At SimplyGuest, we will replace the cylinder whenever it’s out of gas. Although it depends on the availability, we will strive to replace the cylinder within 24 hours, and you don’t need to be at home to receive the cylinder.
  • DTH facility (Tata Sky) (with upper limits)
  • Electricity bill (with upper limits) will be paid on time
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Can I bring my pet along?

We, at SimplyGuest, love pets, but alas, unfortunately you don’t stay with us, but with other flatmates, who may not be as kind to them as we are. Therefore, as a policy, we have decided to keep the pets out of our properties.

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Are there any house rules?

Of course there are, but not anything that you can't follow. We at SimplyGuest have designed the whole house in such a way that flatmates can co-exist happily. If you respect the comfort of other flatmates, these rules won’t matter to you at all.

Here they are:

  • Many of our accommodation are based in the housing colonies or gated communities that are managed by local society rules. You are expected to learn of these rules and adhere to them.
  • Having an 8 mbps, or even 100 mbps would be highly tempting to download the pirated version of that latest blockbuster. However, torrents or such heavy downloads will hog the whole wi-fi and will make it difficult for others to use the internet satisfactorily. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you avoid heavy downloads or high-def video streaming. (if you think you will need higher dataplan or bigger bandwidth, you can increase your plan by paying the difference.)
  • That's all. It's as simple as it can get. Now, if you’re happy about these, you have all the freedom assured by our constitution to enjoy your life in Bangalore!



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Do I have a say in deciding who becomes my flatmate?

SimplyGuest accommodation are gender-specific, which means we either have all-male or all-female accommodation. Other than this, you can’t have any choice in who becomes your flatmate. However, we verify documents of our guests to ensure that only educated and qualified professionals are taken in. Therefore, we strongly believe that you will get a great flatmate and may even end up becoming friends!

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Can I bring my friend to stay overnight?

You can certainly bring your friends to visit you in your apartment. However, opposite sex friends are not permitted to stay overnight. We, at SimplyGuest, are not conservative about it, but your fellow flatmates or the association people in your colony could be, and this may cause some problems for everyone concerned. Some flatmates become anxious if strangers stay overnight.

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Can I use the facilities provided by the colony/gated community/ society?

Yes, if the place you’re staying has a communal gym, pool, lift, power backup, etc., and if they are made available for free to other residents, you too can make use of them just like any other resident of the community. There will be no additional cost for it.

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What about general maintenance? How is it taken care of?

Once in a while, we carry out deep cleaning of the entire flat. The deep cleaning involves the following:

  • We will wash kitchen slabs, modules, shelves, chimney, and stove. (the inside of the stove won’t be washed)
  • We will clean fans, refrigerator, doors, side tables, computer tables and dressing tables.
  • We will reverse the mattresses.
  • We will deep clean bathroom floors and commodes.

This cleaning will be carried out using vaccum cleaners, pressure guns and other professional cleaning tools. This is a paid service.

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Soumili 1
I have a full time job and its difficult to take care of the house. I don't pay any bills in my new flat- electricity, DTH, WiFi, LPG, maintenance, or anything. If there is a problem SimplyGuest fixes it immediately.
- Soumili Sen

Don't like the house you are sharing?

Relocate to any house in our network at no extra charge!