SimplyGuest applies carefully chosen criteria to select houses. Safety, along with accessibility, and the facility itself, are the most important factors for us to pick a house.

We rely on the apartment's existing safety features.

Many houses, especially independent houses may need additional safety measures. We take initiatives to install safety systems ourselves and in coordination with the house owners. For example, at Aditi, an independent house, we felt we needed better security systems, we have installed CCTV systems, fixed an automatic lock, and also have taken some more measures to increase its security. House specific security features are listed on the house details web page under "Security" section.

Precautions are always better when it comes to safety. We urge everyone involved to be extra careful, especially because SimplyGuest houses are shared by many flatmates.

We review the security features of the house from time to time and take appropriate precautions and measures to reinforce the safety and security. We communicate these measures to flatmates regularly and diligently.


We are just a phone call away in emergencies. You can call either Subbu or Ambarish or for that matter any of SimplyGuest staff. We would be happy to receive your calls at odd hours for safety issues.


Our maid servants and other Housekeeping staff are verified. Most of these are our long term associations. We also know where they live and communicate with them regularly.

Vendors, Utility Services

All our vendors and utility service providers are long term associations of SimplyGuest. Nevertheless, we expect flatmates to be present when they visit for any work. In case flatmates want us to coordinate with them, we'd be happy to oblige.

Scheduled Visits

We always inform in advance about scheduled visits either via WhatsApp group or individually if the visit affects only one person.

House Keys

The house keys, including rooms and wardrobes are stored safely. House managers and other staff get access to the keys only when there is a scheduled visit, or a particular service needs the keys — for example, LPG delivery — under no other circumstances are the keys available to our own staff. Maid servant or a cook may be given an additional key if all the flatmates agree and accept the consequences.

Internal Safety

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee safety of your personal belongings inside the house. You are responsible to keep them safe and lock them in cupboards. We do no take responsibility for these.

You are expected to report any unsafe behaviour of other flatmates to SimplyGuest. Specifically, all flatmates are required to keep the main door, and gates closed and locked at all times.

Your friend is a stranger to the other flatmates. This is one of the reasons we discourage overnight stays of visitors.