Parking Terms

  1. SimplyGuest isn't responsible for the safety of your car. Please assess the safety conditions before parking and from time to time thereafter.
  2. SimplyGuest doesn't take responsibility of any damages to the vehicle at the parking space.
  3. Rent is prepaid. If rent is not paid in advance, parking will be considered unlawful.
  4. In the event that either owner or the tenant wants to cancel the parking, they can do so by giving 30 days of notice.
  5. Please park only in the allotted area.
  6. Please don't obstruct pathways, and other parking lots.
  7. SimplyGuest isn't responsible for maintaining the car covers, or any other car accessories.
  8. Person parking the vehicle must ensure the parking gate is closed for their own vehicle's safety.
  9. Washing of cars isn't allowed in the parking space.
  10. If there is an oil or fuel leakage from your vehicle you need the get the parking cleaned up and immediately take out the vehicle.