Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - For Owners


What benefits do I get by choosing SimplyGuest instead of renting my property out through the normal route?

There are several benefits to choosing to rent out your property through our platform.

Long term rent income

We usually take on properties for at least 3 to 5 years. In fact, in the entire duration of our operations thus far, we have only returned 3 properties due to unavoidable circumstances; all other properties have remained with us since day one. For more information on our average tenancy duration, visit this page.

Consistent rent income

If you were to rent out your property by yourself or through a broker, you would have to accept periods of no rent income between one tenant and another moving in, a process that usually takes about a month at least. Over the years, this amounts to a significant loss. You might also have to pay heavy brokerage charges above and beyond that. Both these problems are negated when you go through us. We do not take any brokerage fees and whether there is a tenant in your house or not, we will pay you a fixed rent every month without you having to keep a tab on us.

Keeping it clean

At SimplyGuest, our top priority is to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene standards of our properties. With regular mandatory maintenance for all our homes, we keep the spaces neat and tidy for our tenants. We also execute deep cleaning of the house when a tenant moves out or as and when it is requested. We also have proper pest control methods; all our homes are cockroach-free!

Assisted maintenance

If you’d like to get some repairs, installations or other maintenance work done on your house, we’d be more than happy to assist you in the same. We have a network of trustworthy vendors who will ensure that the quality of your house is maintained.

How can I get my property listed on SimplyGuest?

It’s pretty simple. Visit House Owners web page or email us on mayank at simplyguest. As soon as you have provided the necessary details, one of our representatives will get in touch with you and we can take it forward from there.

What are the steps involved in listing my property on SimplyGuest?

There is a standard procedure we follow in adding properties to our collection.

  1. Share with us details of yourself and your property.
  2. We will then perform a property inspection.
  3. We will send you a rental proposal.
  4. The agreement will be signed by both parties.
  5. Your house will be listed on the SimplyGuest website and the mobile app.
  6. We will take a detailed inventory of the property using photographs and upload this information onto your owner portal.
  7. We will finalise housekeeping staff for your property.
  8. Tenants will upload their details; this data will be updated in real time on your owner portal.
  9. We will remit the rent into your bank account by the 7th of every month.

What documents do I have to submit to have my property listed on SimplyGuest?

The documents and items we require from you are the following:

  • PAN Card
  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill
  • Maintenance bill
  • Ownership proof
  • Signed agreement
  • Keys to all doors and wardrobes (if any) in the house

Can I inspect my property when I want to?

Absolutely! It is your house, after all. We only request that you give us prior intimation at least 2-3 days in advance so that we can inform the tenants. We wouldn’t like to compromise on the privacy of our tenants in any way.

Who pays the security deposit to me?

The security deposit will be paid by SimplyGuest on behalf of the tenants.

How will the security deposit be paid to me?

We will transfer the security deposit directly into your bank account.

What parameters determine the rent of my property?

There are several parameters that we take into account for this purpose. The most important ones among these include size of the house, number of bedrooms and washrooms, and the newness of the property.

When will I receive my rent?

The rent will be sent to you by the 7th of every month without fail.

My house association has reservations about renting my property to SimplyGuest. What do I do?

As the owner of the property, you have absolute rights over it. We expect that you will sort out all issues with your association before choosing to engage with us.

Can I choose the kind of tenants that will occupy my house?

As of now, we reserve the right to choose and approve tenants simply because we do not want to narrow down the addressable market by lowering the rental value of your property, which is bound to happen if you filter out tenants based on their habits etc.

Am I involved in the tenant approval process?

No. Approving tenants is entirely SimplyGuest’s responsibility. If you have any legitimate concerns, however, you can always reach out to us and we will take the appropriate action.

One of the tenants in my house seems to be a nuisance in the neighbourhood. What can I do?

Please reach out to us immediately in such cases. We expect all our tenants to follow association rules and do not tolerate them disturbing the locality. Obviously, we do not engage in moral policing and neither do we expect house owners to, but if there is a legitimate concern over tenant behaviour, we will address it immediately.

Will SimplyGuest assist with any furniture or appliance repair that I want?

Certainly, but please bear in mind that you will have to undertake the charges for such repairs.

BESCOM has raised an additional security deposit. Will SimplyGuest pay it?

We can definitely make the payment on your behalf, but this is a refundable security deposit and will be made in the property owner’s name itself.

The flat association has raised an ad-hoc maintenance bill. Will SimplyGuest pay it?

We can certainly pay the amount. Keep in mind, however, that this is treated as a reimbursement and will be reduced from your rent.