Housekeeping at SimplyGuest


We, at SimplyGuest, provide a maid-servant for each flat. The maid cleans the living area, bathroom and other common areas. They will visit alternative days to carry out these tasks. Since managing maid-servant is one of the challenges in India, we ensured that this is taken off your back.

This is a complimentary service, at no extra cost. Additional service requests will not be accepted by the maid-servant. For some reason you are not happy with the service, or their schedule, you are free to hire a maid-servant that's more suitable to your specific needs.



Flatmates are expected to buy cleaning kit, and keep cleaning liquids, such as Lizol, Harpic, etc, in the house. We suggest that you take stock of these periodically and top them up to ensure that there is no lack of service.

We recommend using bucket mops instead of the old mops. They make cleaning fast, efficient and provide better results.



The maid will not clean your room if it is locked. Therefore, if you want your room cleaned as well, we suggest that you keep your valuables under lock and key in a cupboard or closet and leave the room open.



Also, the maid-servant will not do the dishes or clean your kitchen utensils. If you want to add this service as well, then it would involve an additional payment of Rs. 250/- per person. If you agree to this, they will carry out this task every day. Remember, this payment goes straight into their pocket. SimplyGuest does not take any cuts from it.



You are expected to open the house door when maid-servant rings the doorbell. Its tempting to think the other flatmate will open the door; the other flatmate must be thinking you will open the door.

If you miss the cleaning cycles continuosly for more than a week, someone from SimplyGuest might knock on your door to ensure the house is cleaned.

Maid-servants are sourced locally, so they may not speak your tongue. If they were to speak multiple languages and be at higher levels of understanding, they wouldn't pick housekeeping as their profession, isn't it?

Generally, maid-servants may not clean properly if they aren't monitored; they will need some guidance from the flatmates to do their job. You are encouraged to talk to the maid-servants, make them feel comfortable and ensure they clean all parts of the house.




Finally, being a maid-servants is a tough job. They also lead a difficult and challenging life. Therefore, when you are around, we request you to make their presence in your accommodation as comfortable as possible and treat them with due respect.