SimplyGuest Hostel - Preethi Villa

Live a comfortable life in a prestigious residential locality just 5 mins walking distance from the iconic Cool Joint of Jayanagar 4th Block. A luxurious 3-star villa converted to a ladies paying guest accommodation with all the comforts you can ask her. This is a perfect place to live if you work or study in the central business district (CBD) of Jayanagar. The PG is in a serene location.

About Owners

Simplyguest vijay kumar Vijay Kumar

The owner is in the PG industry from last 5 years providing a great service and now targeting next level of service by introducing a great Bungalow for Girls PG. The owner has two successfully running PG in Jayanagar and with the experience and knowledge planned to bring changes in PG industry with this new PG.

We serve quality south indian vegetarian food, two times a day: breakfast and dinner. Please note, there is no non-veg food. Food is catered and not cooked in the premises. Breakfast is served between 8-9am and dinner between 8-9pm.

Security @ Hostel

The property is under CCTV surveillance; all the entries and exits are covered and we have set rules to ensure residents are safe. A registry is maintained for reporting absence. Outsiders are not allowed without permission. The locality itself is a very safe as many high profile residents live here and its surrounded by educational institutes. There is regular police patrolling in the region.

Access to Hostel

Residents can come in and go out at any time. There are no curfews of any sort.

Your Privacy

The property is a large villa spread across 2 floors, plus a large terrace. There are two sitting areas in the ground floor; both of them are equipped with plush sofa and there is a counter to eat food. First floor has a jhula and a mini-gym. One of the rooms has balcony attached to it. The terrace is very large and we have placed some plants. There is plenty of space to hang out and spend quality time with yourself

House Rules
  • No smoking. No drugs inside the premises
  • Outside food to be consumed in the dining hall to keep pests away and ensure effective pest control.
  • No cooking in the rooms.
  • Inmates will not be allowed to take any outsider to her room without prior permission.
  • Female guests are allowed to stay overnight. Extra charges apply.
  • Inmates themselves will be responsible for the safety of their personal articles as well as the safety of articles issued to them by the home for their use.
  • Cupboards can be locked to keep personal items safe. Rooms cannot be locked to ensure effective housekeeping.
  • Electrical items like heaters, immersion rods are not allowed
  • Music can only be used with ear-phone or in moderate volume keeping in view the facilities/disturbance of fellow residents and neighbours.
  • Inmates will be provided Cot, Table, Chair, Mattress, and Bathroom bucket and mug. Bedsheets, Pillow and quilts etc. will have to be brought by resident personally.
  • All electrical equipments will have to be switched off by the inmates when not in use.
  • No loud noises or disturbances after 9pm. Some of the inmates have to work and study long days and require a good night sleep.

SimplyGuest Advantages
  • Pay rent online using any mode you wish
  • Split expenses with other inmates. Settlements happen automatically.
  • Move to any SimplyGuest properties. We'll assist you in moving
  • Raise complaints online, track status
  • Consistent Quality, Guaranteed

Whether you are a student or a working professional, deciding where to stay in the city when you are alone is often a choice between comfort and community. While your own apartment may seem like a good idea in terms of privacy, amenities etc., it also means high costs and increasingly frequent bouts of loneliness. And while PGs and hostels may make you feel like part of a community with their twin-sharing and triple-sharing rooms, they also almost always bring with them bad food, cramped spaces, binding rules and what not.

While it may seem impossible to find a balance between the two, that is exactly what SimplyGuest Hostels offer.

Map & Location

Why SimplyGuest Hostel?

As a prospective tenant, at the time of booking you get to see a lot of data such as the age groups and professions of the other tenants, the vegetarian and non-vegetarian split, and more.

Room Type Price Availability
Twin-Sharing Rs 9,000 Yes
Triple-Sharing Rs 8,500 Yes
Four in a Room Rs 9,000 Yes
Dorm Rs 7,500 Yes