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SimplyGuest homes come with fully functional kitchen. You don't have to worry about getting basic utensils like kadai, tawa, or a stove. It's all there already in SimplyGuest kitchens. See what we provide as part of kitchen

We also deliver LPG when you are out of gas.

Soumili Sen

Me and my other flatmates cook dinner together. Even when one of us tired, the others help. So its a kind of stress-buster. I was worried about food when I moved as I didn't wanted to eat outside food. But with a functional kitchen its sorted now.

Soumili Sen

We have a curated network of high-quality cooks. These are hired directly by our customers. Unlike self-proclaimed good cooks, our cooks are vetted by SimplyGuest customers both for their quality of cooking and trustworthiness.

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I love the vegan food provided by one of the caterer. It's fresh, healthy, and nutritious. The packaging preserves all the freshness and they deliver to my doorstep. They change the salad ingredients every day... sometimes they add exotic fruits and sometimes locally grown vegetables. This variety is what I love about it. At times I just carry the salad packs to office and it remains fresh.


We have tied up with best meal delivery vendors near by our homes. These vendors are handpicked by us. They cook at home and deliver the food to SimplyGuest homes freshly. You can order from one of these.

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