Careers at SimplyGuest

UI Designer

  • A keen eye for the proper use of type, space, and color
  • Designs beautiful interfaces that people want to touch
  • Has experience specifically designing interfaces for the web and mobile devices
  • Familiar with all the best wire-framing and prototyping tools
  • Has strong opinions about UX practices

Back-end Software Engineer

You are a good fit to our team, if you:

  • get excited about good quality code and engineering quests
  • think small is beautiful
  • love to work on all parts of SimplyGuest
  • experiment and improve incrementally
  • loves good interfaces, both APIs and User Interfaces

Front-end Software Engineer

You are a good fit to our team, if you:

  • have great product sense and be able to think through user experience issues before diving into the code
  • write maintainable, testable, and performant JavaScript
  • have a love for great UI
  • enjoy debugging all aspects of the front-end app including memory leaks and quirky CSS across browsers
  • have experience implementing real-time (e.g. websockets, polling, etc.) web apps
  • have significant experience with REST APIs and thoroughly understand HTTP requests

Marketing Manager

  • Actively review and refine existing ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Write result-driven copy for email campaigns and landing pages.
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in SEO and SEM
  • Understanding of conversion optimization
  • Measure, and optimize
  • Impeccable copywriting. Write well and write quickly.
  • A deep understanding of A/B testing, experiments and optimization.
  • Native familiarity with a wide range of marketing tools.
  • Willingness to try marketing experiments.
  • Deep understanding of social networks